2024 Video Predictions from Tech Industry Experts

Join us as six industry experts share their predictions and thoughts for 2024 around the future of technology within the IT industry. Hosted by VMblog.com.

As part of VMblog’s annual predictions series for 2024, VMblog asked several different industry experts to share their thoughts about the new year. In this episode, we hear from these experts: In this episode, we hear from these experts:

  • Andrew Moloney, Chief Strategy Officer at SoftIron, shares three top predictions, including cloud strategy maturity, VMware’s influence on cloud-native infrastructure, and a private cloud renaissance.
  • Jonathan Padilla, Solutions and Sales Engineer at Keeper Security, looks at the cybersecurity landscape and digs into passkeys and hardware keys in 2024. What will happen in the enterprise vs. the SMB and consumer space?
  • Khalid Raza, CEO and Founder at Graphiant, predicts the Internet will return to its roots, which is peer-to-peer communication.
  • Peter Shafton, CTO at ngrok, says organizations will regain control of their data, and data management will shift toward greater accessibility and control.
  • Bruce Kornfeld, Chief Marketing and Product Officer at StorMagic, says we’ll see a significant decline in the use of the VMware hypervisor in edge computing environments.
  • Justin Borgman, Co-Founder and CEO at Starburst, predicts open file formats are poised to deal the final blow to the traditional data warehouse model.

Khalid Raza

CEO and Founder at Graphiant