Augtera & Graphiant:
AIOps & Stateless Core Pave the Future of Hybrid Cloud Networking

Watch this on-demand replay of Rahul Aggarwal, Founder & CEO at Augtera Networks, and Ali Shaikh, CPO at Graphiant as they discuss how the two companies are working together to solve hybrid cloud connectivity and where the industry is going.


Rahul Aggarwal, Founder & CEO from Augtera Networks, an AI platform that prevents incidents and automates operations across Enterprise and Provider networks. Augtera normalizes data from every possible data source in multi-cloud environments, learns topology, patterns and correlations at scale, finds preventive “AI” Needles that can be automatically consumed by humans or fed into automation systems to drive dynamic changes.
Ali Shaikh, Chief Product Officer from Graphiant, a Silicon Valley-based provider of next-generation Edge services. Graphiant has developed the Graphiant Network Edge, an “as-a-Service” solution that provides connectivity between the enterprise WAN, hybrid cloud, network edge, customers, and partners.

Rahul Aggarwal

Founder & CEO, Augtera Networks

Ali Shaikh

Chief Product Officer, Graphiant