Legacy license models in networking are broken.

Stop stacking licenses upon licenses. Network licensing is not the answer. With Graphiant’s SD-WAN MPLS Replacement, your network licensing woes can be behind you.

How did we go from SD-WAN to SASE to SSE?

Things have changed since SD-WAN arrived on the scene, and SD-WAN benefits aren’t what they once were. How have we gone from SD-WAN to SASE to SSE?

Dragging networking into the 21st century … 

When Graphiant set out to change the networking industry, we recognized that we could not do it using the norms that had shaped the industry to date. Custom software built upon custom hardware managed by legacy protocols and systems would not provide the scale,...

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SD-WAN ROI claims are not real.

SD-WAN ROI claims are not real.

When SD-WAN came to market in 2014 and got actual market adoption in 2015 there was much talk about the return on ...


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