It’s Time for a New Network Edge Service

Connectivity solutions like MPLS and SD-WAN can’t keep up with today’s dynamic, distributed hybrid world. The Graphiant Network Edge delivers the next-gen performance and agility you need to thrive.

Dynamic Private Data Networking Without Pre-configured Tunnels

How Graphiant Tackles Enterprise Problems

We simplify common networking challenges.


Enterprise Connectivity

Simplify how you provision, manage and scale your network with predictable performance, better security, and simple agility.


Cloud Connectivity

Agile cloud onramp and hybrid cloud connectivity with a private network enabled by business language policy.


B2B Connectivity

Enable enterprise-grade B2B connectivity with rock-solid privacy and security without the need to build costly and static DMZs.


Connectivity the way you want it:
Simple, fast and secure

Your network is more complex than ever. Remote workers, business partners, multiple clouds, edge networks – it’s a brave new world! You need connectivity that is fast and secure. But in today’s service economy, you also need internet-level agility. You have to provision connectivity in minutes, not days or weeks.



Connectivity doesn’t need to be complex. Public internet class agility allows businesses to deploy and scale
at the speed of business.



Guaranteed delivery with SLAs. Graphiant’s Network Edge delivers MPLS-class QoS and end-to-end SLAs.



Never decrypted outside of the consumer edge. Graphiant removes the need to decrypt traffic anywhere within the Graphiant network.



Provided performance, availability, and security at a much lower point. Graphiant provides the performance and SLAs of MPLS at a price closer to the public internet.

Experience what comes next in networking.

Are you ready for simple connectivity that combines the speed and security of MPLS with internet-class agility?


available bandwidth


faster to deploy


lower TCOs

“Enterprises need a network that combines the performance of MPLS (speed, reliability and security) with the agility to keep up with the elastic network,” says Ray Mota, CEO and principal analyst, ACG Research. “Graphiant delivers the solution for enterprises and is committed to offering a next-generation WAN edge service for today’s dynamic business environment.”

Ray Mota
CEO and Principal Analyst

“Graphiant’s technical advancements are revolutionary,“says Dixon Greenfield, Director of Network Operations, Valmont Industries. “Graphiant’s private edge gives us MPLS-level performance, reliability and security as an agile and affordable service.”

Dixon Greenfield

Director of Network Operations, Valmont Industries


“Graphiant Network Edge is a service that combines MPLS class performance with as-a-Service agility. Because it’s a private network, it is fast, scalable andsecure,” said Zeus Kerravala, Founder and PrincipalAnalyst at ZK Research. “Because it is as-a-Service, IT can provision networks in minutes at two-thirds less than SDWAN or MPLS.”

Zeus Kerravala,
Founder and Principal Analyst at ZK Research

“Network architects have lost control of networks, thanks to the paradigm shifts toward multi-cloud and work-from-anywhere,” said Shamus McGillicuddy, Vice President Research, Enterprise Management Associates. “Graphiant is developing a solution that puts control back in the hands of those architects.”

Shamus McGillicuddy,
Vice President Research, Enterprise Management Associates

As networking demands rise with a proliferation of applications and resources, it’s time for solutions that can bridge the gap between traditional enterprise networks, private data centers, and cloud services,” said Scott Raynovich, Founder and Chief Analyst. “Graphiant has come up with an innovative solution that can solve these while putting policy, control, and QoS fully into the hands of any organizations looking to operate a hybrid network.

Scott Raynovich,
Founder and Chief Analyst, Futuriom



Experience what comes next
in networking.

Connectivity solutions like MPLS and SD-WAN can’t keep up with today’s dynamic, distributed hybrid world. The Graphiant Network Edge delivers the next-gen performance and agility you need to thrive.

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