Graphiant Network Edge for Manufacturing Companies

As a manufacturer, you know the importance of having a robust and agile network that can support your business’s needs. However, as the world becomes increasingly digital, traditional networking solutions are no longer enough to keep up with the demands of your manufacturing network.

Our Graphiant Network Edge solution delivers the network edge as-a-Service, providing your manufacturing enterprise network with the robustness of MPLS-class connectivity and the agility of internet-class connectivity. Say goodbye to complex provisioning that does not meet agility requirements and enjoy a streamlined and efficient network designed to support your manufacturing business’s needs.

Experience what comes next in networking

Are you ready for simple connectivity that combines the speed and security of MPLS with internet-class agility?



available bandwidth



faster to deploy



lower TCOs

Why the former co-founder Viptela started Graphiant

In 2012, Khalid Raza founded Viptela with the idea that enterprises needed lower-cost connectivity for their offices with internet-class agility. Ten years later, enterprise networks are changing again. This next phase of networking looks like a NaaS solution that easily allows you to deploy and customize to meet the unique needs of your business.


Graphiant can keep up with your pace as an enterprise

You don’t have to build a network