How Graphiant Tackles Enterprise Problems

We simplify common networking challenges.

Enterprise Connectivity

Connect your enterprise with extreme agility

Provisioning enterprise connectivity solutions is a slow, fragmented, and complex process. You have to build VPN tunnels, figure out how to connect multiple clouds and provide connectivity for branches, remote workers and edge resources. And, when things change (which they do, often), you have to start over.

Graphiant simplifies the entire process. Just connect each enterprise resource to the appropriate Graphiant Edge and setup policies using the cloud-based Graphiant Portal. Provisioning takes minutes, not weeks. And cloud? Connect to AWS, Azure, GCP or other clouds with a few clicks in our portal.

In minutes, you’ve provisioned enterprise-grade connectivity with rock-solid privacy and security. Plus, you’ll lower costs by up to two-thirds compared to MPLS and SD-WAN.

Business to Business Connectivity

Connect to your customers and partners with extreme agility.

Connecting business networks is a high cost and time-consuming effort. Companies must commission, design and build a secure DMZ for traffic to move between. DMZs have long lead times, require upfront capital expenditure and are static; changes are difficult and slow to deploy.

Graphiant simplifies the B2B connectivity. Both you and the business you need to connect with will connect through the Graphiant Edge. Then, set-up policies using the cloud-based Graphiant Portal. And just like that you have robust, secure B2B connectivity without complex DMZs. Provisioning takes minutes, not weeks.

In minutes you’ve provisioned enterprise-grade B2B connectivity with rock-solid privacy and security. Plus, you’ll lower costs by up to two-thirds compared to MPLS and SD-WAN.

Cloud Connectivity

Multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud connectivity is a complex process. Current solutions are cumbersome, expensive, and operationally intensive. Enterprises have two options: Provision space, power, cooling, and connectivity in a carrier-neutral facility and build dedicated connections to the clouds or leverage cloud-based appliances and build VPN tunnels to their workloads.

With Graphiant, multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud connectivity is simple. All the enterprise needs to do is connect its locations and cloud workloads to the Graphiant Stateless Core. Then connectivity is as simple as configuring a policy. The benefit is lower cost, faster time to productivity, and a more secure connection.



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Connectivity solutions like MPLS and SD-WAN can’t keep up with today’s dynamic, distributed hybrid world. The Graphiant Network Edge delivers the next-gen
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