Time for a New Edge

MPLS and SD-WAN no longer serve the needs of a modern, distributed, hybrid network. But what’s next?

Graphiant commissioned the 2023 State of the Network Edge Survey to explore this issue in more depth and see where enterprises are headed.

How Do You Stack-Up?

Take the survey now to see how your organization compares to our survey results. The survey takes 7 minutes to complete, and we’ll email you your results and the full survey report.

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Graphiant Network Edge

Enterprise-grade performance

Combine MPLS performance with internet-class “as-a-Service” agility to deliver enterprise-grade networks with agility.


True “as-a-Service” connectivity – allows you to provision in minutes (not months).


Reduce costs by up to two-thirds compared to SD-WAN and MPLS.

Survey Results at-a-Glance

We surveyed 200 senior IT architects and admins. They provided a wealth of information about the changing face of the network edge.

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Dynamic Private Data Networking Without Pre-Configured Tunnels

Intel sees it too – the edge is broken and we need a new approach. Read this important Intel white paper that discusses how Graphiant gives businesses cost-effective private networking among a constantly changing set of resources by providing an alternative to relying on networks they don’t control. The solution stack is delivered “As-a-Service,” with optimizations for Intel architecture that accelerate packet processing and traffic handling.

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How Graphiant Handles the Uses Cases Respondents Find Most Important

The survey exposes 3 crucial use cases that neither MPLS nor SD-WAN handle well. See how Graphiant handles these use cases.


Enterprise Connectivity

Simplify how you provision, manage and scale your network with predictable performance, better security, and simple agility.


Cloud Connectivity

Agile cloud onramp and hybrid cloud connectivity with a private network enabled by business language policy.


B2B Connectivity

Enable enterprise-grade B2B connectivity with rock-solid privacy and security without the need to build costly and static DMZs.


Experience what comes next
in networking.

Connectivity solutions like MPLS and SD-WAN can’t keep up with today’s dynamic, distributed hybrid world. The Graphiant Network Edge delivers the next-gen
performance and agility you need to thrive.

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