Networking Field Day or Tech Field Day is a series of invite-only technical meetings between a panel of delegates and sponsoring enterprise IT companies that share their ideas, products and new developments to the tech community. These sessions are live-streamed, and recordings are shared across social media channels like Youtube and Twitter.

Graphiant returned to Networking Field Day 33 to update the community on our exciting new developments. It had been one year since Graphiant launched its Network-as-a-Service focused on delivering high performance wide-area connectivity to enterprises and service providers at Networking Field Day 29. Our speakers at NFD33 were Ali Shaikh , the Graphiant CPO, and Arsalan Khan, the Director of Technical Marketing.

Here are their 3 key takeaways for those who couldn’t view the live stream.

  1. There is a shift towards consuming network services. IDC predicts we’ll have 175 zettabytes of data by 2025. With so much growth, legacy models won’t be able to handle the coming influx of data. Businesses are leaning towards consuming network services rather than building bespoke networks; a service consumption model provides agility, scalability and cost-effectiveness.
  2. Graphiant’s Stateless Core solves tunnel scale problems.  Graphiant focuses on making operations simpler and building a scalable connectivity solution by solving the tunnel scale problem. Graphiant achieves this by their implementation of the Stateless Core; a private middle-mile that delivers global any-to-any connectivity without adding complexity in transit. Customer edge devices, running Graphiant software only create tunnels to the Graphiant Stateless Core. This means that customers can maintain a full mesh network of sites, without maintaining a full mesh set of tunnels at each edge, which reduces complexity. (Bertino, “A New Approach to Private Connectivity with Graphiant”)  This any-to-any connectivity couldn’t be possible without the creation of a Stateless Core. The Graphiant Stateless Core is a label-switched environment. It provides end-to-end encryption along with SLA guarantees which are essential for critical enterprise applications. The Graphiant Stateless Core does not contain any customer routes or VRF state making it much more scalable and cost effective as compared to an MPLS network.
  3. Graphiant offers a unique Gateway to Cloud Connectivity.  Graphiant showcased a demo showing Cloud Connectivity with Jumbo Frames and how to leverage this to accelerate your cloud workloads. Jordan Villarreal (@SystemMTUOne on Youtube) says, “seeing the AWS gateway just show up alongside the other Graphiant devices does really drive home the point that they can co-exist in the same management platform.”

Curious to learn more? Watch our presentation on YouTube here.


A special thank you to all the delegates at Networking Field Day #NFD33


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