Rampart CIO leverages Graphiant Network Edge to enhance connectivity, increase agility and provide cost savings to South Carolina municipality

SAN JOSE, CA – March 12, 2024  – Graphiant, a provider of next-generation edge services, today announces a successful collaboration with Rampart CIO, a municipal cybersecurity consulting firm. Rampart CIO works with a municipality in South Carolina that faced the challenge of securely transmitting end-to-end encrypted communication from remote locations, particularly law enforcement vehicles collecting vital video and data throughout their shifts. Rampart CIO sought a solution that was both efficient and cost-effective.

Traditional options fell short, being either too costly, overly complex, or unable to meet the stringent encryption requirements. However, Graphiant delivered a bespoke solution that not only met but exceeded Rampart CIO’s expectations.

Rampart CIO implemented Graphiant edges at remote locations and established access points, enabling officers to seamlessly upload data without returning to the city core. This innovative approach enhanced data security and optimized operational efficiency, allowing officers to remain in their deployment areas and fulfill their missions uninterrupted.

“Our field officers loved it. It allows them to stay in their deployment area. They do not need to constantly come back to the city core to do their uploads, so it allows them to fully complete their mission while they’re out in the field as intended,” said Larry Thompson, Co-Founder, Rampart CIO. “With Graphiant in place, officers can now focus on their duties without logistical constraints, ensuring a more effective and productive law enforcement environment.”

Graphiant Network Edge simplifies provisioning connectivity solutions with rock-solid security at a fraction of the cost of SD-WAN or MPLS. Graphiant’s solution provides the agility Rampart CIO needs. Whether dealing with two sites or two thousand, Graphiant’s approach remains consistently efficient and easily replicable, eliminating the complexities of previous architectures.

“Graphiant is basically zero-touch for us once it’s deployed, so it’s a really good solution,” says Thompson. “It saves our customers a lot of money because we’re not constantly having to go back and touch the hardware.”

“We’re proud to have provided Rampart CIO with a solution that not only meets their needs but also enhances their operational capabilities,” says Eron Tunstall, Regional Sales Director at Graphiant. “This success exemplifies Graphiant’s commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction.”

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About Graphiant
Graphiant is a Silicon Valley-based provider of next-generation edge services. Led by Khalid Raza, the co-founder of SDWAN pioneer Viptela, Graphiant has developed the Graphiant Network Edge, an “as-a-Service” solution that provides connectivity between the enterprise WAN, hybrid cloud, network edge, customers and partners. Graphiant’s Network Edge combines MPLS-like performance (guaranteed delivery and privacy) and Internet-class agility to enable network architects to build enterprise-grade networks at the speed of business. The company is funded by Sequoia Capital, Two Bear Capital & Atlantic Bridge. Learn more at www.graphiant.com.

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